Well it happened again, and this time it was not my fault, blame everything on Justin!! No it was not his fault either. Once, again we accidentally erased the last 15 posts we made. The version of Word Press we are using now, has been nothing but trouble. The difference between now and the last time this happened, is the amount of time it covers. When it happened to me, it erased the last 15 posts I did just that morning. Now because it is the weekend, and things are a little slower, it erased the last 15 posts that cover about 20 or so hours. I tried to find and remember everything that was posted, but with the amount of time the deletion covered, I am 100% sure I have missed something. Especially the posts from today. During the week, if I find a cool video or something that I would like to show over the weekend, I book mark it then when I post it over the weekend I then delete it. So as of right now some of the stuff from today, I have no clue where I got it from. Sorry for the in inconvenience, I a hope it does not happen again. Once again happy Wiikend.

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