Publisher Another Indie has announced that it’s bringing Original Journey to the Switch early next year. The game is touted as a new sci-fi action adventure, featuring elaborately detailed pencil art.

Developed by Bonfire Entertainment, Original Journey features customizable mech armor with buffs that affect speed, life recovery, fall damage and more. You’ll be armed with turrets and over a dozen upgradeable weapons, with distinct styles to suit each situation.

The game blends several genres into one, from platforming and tower defense, to racing and puzzles, set on a mysterious and constantly changing world. The story follows the space-faring Ato, who embark on a quest to find the legendary Origin Stone, located on the ominous Planet Shadow. The story asks players the profound question, would you ignore your morals to save your own race?

Iain Garner, the Director of Developer Relations at Another Indie, talks about the game’s unique aspects:

Original Journey demands skill to vanquish the creatures of Planet Shadow and offers an arsenal of weapons so players can find their favorites, but the story asks some hard questions. Original Journey will take players on an action-packed journey as they explore the limits of their own morality.

Original Journey will hit Steam on August 16 2017 before coming to the Switch in the first quarter of 2018. The game has already won five awards, including Best Student Game at IGF China 2015.

Check out the launch trailer below to see Original Journey in action, and let us know whether you’re as intrigued by this title as we are.

Source: Another Indie