Another year is here and that means it’s time for our yearly Nintendo predictions! Put on your thinking caps and join us as we try to guess what Nintendo will do next! 🧐

Check out last year’s predictions HERE to see how we did!

For Justin in 2023:

  1. Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet will receive several updates throughout 2023 including DLC
    1. Yep, we had several updates to the game culminating with version 3.0 and the 2nd of two DLCs that launched on Dec 14, 2023
  2. Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will set new sales records for the Legend of Zelda series and for Nintendo Switch games in general
    1. Yep, Tears of the Kingdom went on to become the fastest selling Zelda game ever and one of the fastest selling Switch games of all time
  3. The Pokémon Company will showcase a new trailer for the Detective Pikachu 2 video game
    1. Yep, it even released this year as well! (Detective Pikachu Returns)
  4. The Super Mario Bros. movie will be a success despite some misgivings about various voice actor performances
    1. Yes, the Super Mario Bros. movie went on to pass over $1 billion in sales
  5. I know I’ve said this before but I think 2023 is the year we’ll finally see some news of what’s next for Nintendo hardware. The Switch Lite launched in 2019 and the OLED model launched in 2021. If we’re following the 2 year cycle of hardware Nintendo used in the Nintendo DS era, its most successful system ever, 2023 should be the year for it.
    1. 🚫 Nope, no new hardware in 2023
  6. Donkey Kong was revealed to have a new design for the Mario movie. I think this year would be the right time to announce a new Donkey Kong game.
    1. 🚫 Nope, no new DK game unfortunately
  7. I’ve been hoping for Metroid Prime 4 or Metroid Prime Trilogy news for awhile, I don’t think they’ve wanted to talk about the trilogy until they have had something new to talk about for Metroid Prime 4. I think this is the year we’ll hear about both.
    1. 0.5 point, we did get Metroid Prime Remastered but nothing on the rest of the trilogy or Metroid Prime 4
  8. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will have DLC announced this year, but the new content may or may not release in 2023
    1. 🚫 Nope, no DLC and nothing planned from what Nintendo has said in an interview
  9. I haven’t had F-Zero on my predictions for awhile but why not? I’m hoping there’s a new game but I’d settle for an F-Zero GX remaster.
    1. Yep, maybe not what fans were hoping for, but F-Zero 99 released and has garnered quite a bit of acclaim so far
  10. The Nintendo Switch will pass the PS4 and Game Boy / Game Boy Color to become the 3rd best selling system of all time. Only behind the Nintendo DS and PS2.
    1. Yep, the Nintendo Switch has only the DS and PS2 to catch now

Wild Cards (2 points each)

  1. It’s been awhile since we’ve had the new iteration in the Super Mario series, I could see a new title being announced this year.
    1. Yep, Super Mario Bros. Wonder was announced and launched this year! (2 points)
  2. The Simpsons Hit & Run turns 20 in 2023, I think we’ll see a remaster or perhaps a totally new Simpsons video game. It’s time!
    1. 🚫 Nope, hopefully some day!

That’s 8.5 points for Justin

For Trev in 2023:

  1. With the sad closure of the Wii U and 3DS eShops on March 27th, you’ll see some of their releases arrive on Switch in one form or another.
    1. 0.5 point, Luigi’s Mansion 2 Dark Moon is getting a port to the Switch but not arriving til 2024
  2. After rolling out a free addition of golf, Switch Sports will get even more updates in 2023. By year’s end, continued sales will also move it into the top 15 best-selling Switch games.
    1. 🚫 Nope, unfortunately no new updates for Switch Sports and it’s currently sitting at 19th on the list of Top Selling Switch games
  3. Will 30 years of Star Fox get much of an anniversary celebration? Probably not, but I’m predicting we’ll see an update to an older game, either a GameCube entry or Zero, with a reworked control scheme.
    1. 🚫 Nope, no new Star Fox love in 2023
  4. To celebrate the first E3 since 2019, the Pure Nintendo team will again have several staffers at the show, including some new faces. Speaking of E3…
    1. 🚫 Nope, E3 is no more 😞
  5. Did you know it’s been 5+ years since Metroid Prime 4 was announced at 2017’s E3? They’ll have to show something!
    1. 🚫 Nope, nothing this year, maybe next hopefully!
  6. I predict another Pikmin 4 delay since we (oddly) saw so much more of the mobile app than actual footage. It’ll be sad, but after waiting since 2015, we can wait a little more.
    1. 🚫 Nope, Pikmin 4 released this year
  7. Four years after it was announced, Detective Pikachu will finally arrive on Nintendo Switch in 2023. Maybe we’ll get some more concrete info on the movie sequel, too?
    1. Yep, Detective Pikachu Returns finally released this year!
  8. The Pure Nintendo podcast will continue its growth, making several “best of” lists by the end of the year. Roger and Jemma will celebrate by fueling their amiibo collections to even more heights.
    1. Yep, we miss Roger but I know Jemma has been growing her collection of amiibo this year and the podcast is doing great!
  9. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of NES Remix, Nintendo will release a long overdue follow-up. Will it be chunks of SNES games, N64 ones, a mashup, or something more?
    1. 🚫 Nope, no new Remixes this year
  10. If BOTW 2 releases in May, A Link Between Worlds HD will be Nintendo’s big Zelda game for the 4th quarter, ten years after the original landed on 3DS.
    1. 🚫 Nope, Tears of the Kingdom was all we had for Zelda games in 2023

Wild Cards (2 points each)

  1. With Mario Kart 8 DX getting so much DLC, Nintendo decides to celebrate 20 years of Double Dash by adding the option of two characters per vehicle.
    1. 🚫 Unfortunately no
  2. Pure Nintendo will return to proper print or go out in a blaze of glory trying!
    1. ✅ Yes! We’re back in print!

That’s 4.5 points for Trev

I got lucky this year! A lot of mine ended up coming true but unfortunately that wasn’t the case for Trev. I am happy that his Pikmin 4 delay prediction didn’t come true though — Trev is too! 😄

2024 Predictions

Justin’s Predictions

    1. Metroid Prime 4 will finally, finally be shown off to the world again, it will be one of the key games to show off the visual capabilities of the Switch successor
    2. The Pokémon company will announce Black/White remakes this year, most likely during a Pokémon Presents on Pokémon Day 
    3. The Switch successor will be announced AND released this year, I don’t think it’ll be called ‘New Nintendo Switch’ (at least I hope not 😅) but I could see something like that such as Switch Nitro or something that still includes the ‘Switch’ name while also indicating a big step up from a processing power perspective. 
    4. We are due for a new 3D Mario, I could see it launch with the new system
    5. Metroid Prime 2 will get a remaster announced this year and maybe MP3 but I could see that being released later
    6. The F-Zero franchise will get some more love in 2024
    7. Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD will get ported to the Switch in 2024
    8. Nintendo will continue to sell the original Switch alongside the successor
    9. Backwards compatibility will be a main selling point of the new system, all Switch games will carry over and be able to be played Day 1 on the new system, this will be Nintendo’s first digital account setup that has full carry over 
    10. Nintendo made good strides with 3rd party support with the Switch. I think that will continue and I think we’ll get a major franchise announced for the successor that even the Switch missed out on (think franchises like Madden, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Far Cry, etc)


  1. Wild Cards*
    1. I said this last year that we’d get a new Donkey Kong game announced but I think 2024 is the year especially with the new system launching and the new DK section going in at Super Nintendo World in Japan
    2. The next Mario Kart game will also be announced

Trev’s Predictions

  1. While they’re not really my thing, Nintendo will add another new mobile app or game in 2024. Speaking of…
  2. Forget the mobile Dr. Mario World or the ports available on Switch Online. The puzzle series will get a brand new entry. And unlike the download-only entries such as Online RX, Miracle Cure, or Express, it will be a full-fledged release (if this does come true, expect it to make Justin’s Top 5)
  3. There was already a rumor on this one a couple of months back due to a trademark filing. But to celebrate its 10th anniversary, one of the best-selling 3DS games, Tomodachi Life, will arrive on Switch in one form or another.
  4. Along similar lines, I predicted last year that the 3DS hit, A Link Between Worlds, would get an HD update to celebrate its 10th anniversary. That never occurred, but I still believe the Link’s Awakening HD engine will be used again—the game’s, after all, among the top 25 best-selling Switch games ever. So, I’m revisiting a prediction I initially made in 2020, speculating that the Oracle games will receive the remake treatment.
  5. Nintendo will offer something sizable to attract new or returning Switch Online players. Something beyond game trials and sporadic releases of older games. Think free new content.
  6. I’ve never predicted a Switch follow-up, even though those rumors have been flying for years. That finally changes now, as I predict that Nintendo will announce (though not necessarily release) a Switch successor in 2024.
  7. If the above is true, some footage of launch games will likely be shown. Metroid Prime 4, finally?  
  8. If a new console/system/hybrid won’t be out until 2025, Nintendo will want to ensure they’re still moving the various Switch models on the market. Expect a mixture of budget ports, price cuts, and a Nintendo Select line of best sellers.
  9. Speaking of best sellers, the Switch has (at the time I write this) over 80 games that have passed 1 million copies sold. What new games could be added to that list? When all’s said and done, can the million seller game list hit triple digits? Probably not in 2024, but there will be a few new additions.
  10. What’ll be new with amiibo in the coming year? Given all I’ve heard about the unique characters in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, I wouldn’t be surprised (and happy) to see some arrive when the game returns for a Switch release.

Wild Cards*

  1. Skylanders will return in one form or another. Given the relationship with past games on Nintendo hardware, I think the new release will eventually prove most popular with Nintendo fans. Just don’t be greedy, Activision!
  2. As more and more depart Twitter, Pure Nintendo will find a new audience on the Blue Sky social app.

*Wild Cards are worth 2 points

What are your predictions for 2024? Let us know in the comments!