Zombies are EVERYWHERE! We literally cannot escape them, they’re in our movies, video games, TV shows. Vampires and Werewolves just cant cut it these days against the living dead and how popular they’ve become. The people at CoderChild have added a fun retro twist on this usually horrific genre in their newest game, Zombie Incident for the 3DS. Take the role of a brave heroine who is in the midst of apocalyptic world, you must guide her through this pixelated adventure in search of 8 golden stars that will restore peace to the now forsaken land.

When I seen the trailer for this game I was a tad excited. Graphics like this were big back in my day so I always feel a little nostalgic when playing games like this. ‘Zombie Incident’ is truly dedicated to making you feel like your playing an old screen by screen 2D platformer, but in 3D. While playing ‘Zombie Incident’ I actually enjoyed it more using the 3D feature which is very rare for me. The music was one of my favorite parts of this game, classic chiptunes all the way! Theres even an option in the settings where you can listen to the “jukebox” which lists some tracks from the game. The controls are very simple, move with the d-pad and jump with pretty much any other button. The various undead creatures around you can only be defeated by jumping on them. So your pretty much the female version of Super Mario.

Awesome retro-ness aside, the actually gameplay can be a tad frustrating at times. As I said before it is a screen by screen platformer. On the lower screen of your 3DS you can see a grid like map which shows where you have been and where you can go (Kind of like the original ‘Legend of Zelda’). When moving along to the next part of the level you can either go up, down, left or right depending on where you’re at on the map. When jumping up to the next screen its very hard to figure out what’s going on. All you see is a quick flash of what’s above you before you fall back down to the previous screen. So having no time to react while progressing upward in the level was pretty annoying.

Aside from some very minor downfalls, I really enjoyed Zombie Incident. Its a simplistic game that’s straight to the point. You can also connect your 3DS to the internet and compare your high scores on the online leaderboards which is pretty neat if your the competitive type. So if your craving a bit of old school gaming (or some awesome chiptunes) and your into the current zombie craze I highly recommend checking out ‘Zombie Incident’ on the 3DS eshop for the low price of $1.99.