– Galaga 3D Impact and Pac-Man Tilt in one game card
– Galaga 3D Impact: 3D shooter with a cockpit view
– on-rails
– look around to aim via gyro sensor
– if you look down at the control panel you won’t be able to see the window to shoot
– Pac-Man Tilt: Side scrolling action game
– fully legged and armed humanish Pac-Man
– lead Pac-Man to a goal
– includes ability to jump
– other ‘gimmicks’ included as well
– tilt the 3DS to make the stage tilt
– gameplay example: Pac-Man is on a platform that’s suspended from above, tilt to make the platform swing,
– gameplay example: tilt a platform to form a path to different roads
– pinball stage
– transform into ball form for clearing tight passages
– monsters will come chasing after Pac-Man
– eat some power pellets to take them out

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