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By  •  September 1, 2008

Proceeds from Expo Themed Downloadable Songs to Benefit Charity

Harmonix and MTV Games announced today a very special set of downloadable content to celebrate the three day Penny Arcade Expo. The “PAX 2008 Collection”, launching on September 2, 2008, contains tracks from celebrated nerd-folk artist Jonathan Coulton, nerdcore rapper MC Frontalot, and lovecraftian doomsayers The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets – all of whom will be performing at the gaming fan festival August 27th-29th. Adding to the fan-focused celebration, the Harmonix/MTV Games’ proceeds from the sale of this “PAX Pack” between launch and Holiday 2008 will be donated to the Penny Arcade run Child’s Play Charity in order to help out children’s hospitals around the world. “We’re excited that some of our favorite artists can be featured in Rock Band as a result of this pack,” said Robert Khoo, Show Director for Penny Arcade Expo. “Calling attention to PAX artists and giving back to the community at the same time show why Harmonix is truly a company focused on the music and their fans above all else.” The pack includes “Skullcrusher Mountain” by Jonathan Coulton, the story of a misunderstood genius and the woman he attempts to woo with monstrous creations like a half-monkey, half-pony, “Livin’ on the Corner of Dude and Catastrophe” by MC Frontalot, Inspired by the award-winning webcomic “Achewood” and featuring Brad Sucks, and finally “Shhh….” by Darkest of the Hillside Thickets, a previously unreleased track that the nerd rockers have brought exclusively to Rock Band.

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Mario Super Sluggers Fact Sheet and Screens

By  •  July 15, 2008






Format: Wii™
Launch Date: Aug. 25, 2008
ESRB: E (Everyone) – Comic Mischief
Game Type: Sports
Players: 1-4
Developer: Namco Bandai

Let the Wii Remote™ controller be your bat as you join Mario™, Luigi™, Peach™ and the rest of the gang in a rocking, socking baseball extravaganza.
• Newcomers to gaming or sports titles will be up and running on Mario Super Sluggers in no time. Simply swing the Wii Remote to smack a home run, or use a pitching motion to toss the ball over the plate.
• Two, three or four players can pick up Wii Remote controllers and challenge one another to a full baseball game or compete in a host of baseball-themed mini-games. There’s even a home run hitting contest.
• Mario Super Sluggers boasts more than 40 playable characters, all Nintendo favorites. The single-player adventure mode allows the player to explore Baseball Kingdom, tackle dozens of fun baseball challenges and unlock new characters that can be used in any mode. You can also play with your Mii™ characters in Exhibition, Toy Field and Minigame modes.

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Way In Dusk: Press Release and Screens

By  •  October 25, 2007

This Kind Of Adventure You’ve Never Had Before!

Elephant Games is pleased to announce that it became an authorized Nintendo DS developer and is unveiling the development of its first project for this console – Way In Dusk. The game combines dynamic shooting and adventure in 3D. You will explore the mysterious bewitched city and experience travelling in two worlds at a time.

In Way In Dusk, you assume the role of a guardian angel, St.John, who is a loyal employee of the Special Department of Heaven Office. You’re a very special being, able to shift between the Real and Astral worlds. You were sent to an obscure place called the Hollow City. It is a post-nuclear city infected with sorcery. Dreadful monsters, mutated from humans and cars inhabit this odd place. Within the city lies a great threat which you should discover and eliminate at all cost. On your way to accomplish the mission, you’ll visit all dark corners of the city and discover many of its wicked secrets. The intriguing storyline will surprise you with several twists and in the end the hero will have to make the fatal choice between Life and Death.

Check out the Screens after the jump.

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Square Enix TGS Lineup

By  •  September 3, 2007

Here’s a full list of games currently set for display at the Square Enix booth. Bear in mind that this is only the current list of titles; Square Enix usually …
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