Philips is seeking a trial by jury to get the Wii U banned from sale in the US. The electronics manufacturer claims that the Wii U infringes several of the company’s patents.

Nintendo’s alleged infringements include the copying of technologies that replicate a user’s real-life actions in-game, as well as copying user interface designs that involve navigation via a pointing device.-  such as the Wii Remote.

The lawsuit reads:

Philips has engaged in the field of applied electronics and has conducted research in areas relating to visual representation of spatial processes and to automatic processes.

The present patents-in-suit stem from these fields of research and development and claims protection for an interactive system for which a user can remotely control devices in an intuitive manner. Such intuitive remote control mechanisms are used in present-day home video game consoles.

Nintendo has been producing motion-controlled hardware for many years – the Wii launched in 2006, after all – but Philips claims it notified Nintendo of its patents in November and December 2011.

Nintendo is no stranger to patent infringement allegations, but has not issued a statement in response to this particular allegation. If the trial does go ahead by jury, Philips has requested the halt of Wii U – and Wii – sales in the US during the trial.

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