July 30, 2007 – Puzzle lovers, drop your newspapers. With today’s release of Picross DS™, Nintendo gives daily brain teasers a wireless jolt. Who needs inky fingers and eraser crumbs when players can use their hand-held Nintendo DS™ and stylus to solve a new type of challenging grid puzzle? Players can compete with others online or create their own puzzles to share.

Picross DS is a remarkable mix of crossword and sudoku dynamics. Every Picross puzzle features an image hidden beneath a grid of numbered squares. Using simple logic, players reveal the hidden picture by decoding the number sequences in each column and row.  Everyday puzzle fanatics will love using the Nintendo DS stylus like a high-powered pencil to write, draw, select and solve.

In the game’s Daily Picross mode, players can track their progress over time, opening up new activities as their skills increase. Race the clock to solve puzzles quickly or deduce errors in a filled grid. Switch over to My Picross mode and design custom puzzles or convert hand-drawn pictures into challenging Picross DS grids.

Want to network with other puzzle lovers? Link up wirelessly with other local players to exchange puzzles and host multiplayer matches. Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection also enables players to download exciting new puzzle packs, upload their own Picross DS creations, or compete in head-to-head puzzle-solving races.

Picross DS is the latest addition to Nintendo’s growing Touch Generations series, which includes games such as Brain Age™: Train Your Brain In Minutes A Day, Nintendogs™ and Planet Puzzle League™. With combined sales of 6.5 million in the United States alone, Touch Generations titles continue to make video games a more broadly inclusive medium, attracting players of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels.

For more information about the game, visit www.PicrossDS.com.