<End of Day>

Captain Olimar always makes sure to return to his spaceship before nightfall when he’s out exploring new planets. Why is that?

That’s because nighttime on these planets is absolutely teeming with scaaary wild beasts! To avoid an encounter with those creatures, Olimar takes to the safety of space during the night.

So how could we represent this idea in Brawl…?


First things first. Get that Smash Ball!


There’s Olimar’s ship!


Blast off! The ship soars higher and higher into the stratosphere.


Stars fill the sky above.


Wild beasts everywhere! Aaaah!

Characters left behind on the ground take lots and lots of damage.

But dishing out damage alone won’t score you points. The more people in the brawl, the more damage you can expect this attack to do, but beware—another opponent may steal the KO you’ve worked so hard to set up.

In a one-on-one match, this Final Smash won’t deal as much damage, but hey, there’s no worry that someone else will steal your KO, either.

I guess you could call this balancing the gameplay, huh?


The ship comes crashing back to the battlefield
with a huge explosion! Maybe, if you’re lucky,
you’ll catch someone in the blast?