Abstraction Games has announced the upcoming release of Pitfall Planet. The co-op puzzle adventure heads to the Nintendo Switch this fall.

In Pitfall Planet, players can buddy up with a friend to explore caverns and complete levels on a distant planet. The game features two astrobots stranded on a forgotten mining world. After losing their ship, the pair must make their way through subterranean caves.

Planet Pitfall screenshot 3

Thankfully, your robot companions are equipped with the latest astro-mining equipment. Use grappling hooks to pick up objects (even each other) and throw them over gaps. There’s also ore to collect and a range of fancy headwear to purchase.

Teamwork plays a big part too. You’ll need your buddy robot to access otherwise-unreachable buttons and levers, or to climb to higher areas. There are also other tricky sections, like hopping across bouncy pads and overcoming rockets and tanks.

Planet Pitfall screenshot 2

Pitfall Planet was originally released on PC back in 2016. With some charming yet challenging gameplay on offer, could this little title be right at home on the Switch? Let us know whether you’ll be picking up Pitfall Planet this fall.

Planet Pitfall screenshot 4