While at the Tokyo Game Show Polygon had a chance to catch up with Platinum Games.  During Polygon’s time with Platinum Games the developer revealed that they would like to make games for other platforms other than consoles.  Not only was there mention of game development on the PC but they also showed interest in getting back into the handhelds.  Atsushi Inaba, executive director at Platinum Games, had this to say regarding their interest in developing for the 3DS.

“We are very interested in the Nintendo 3DS as a platform.”


“I view 3DS as a proper, straightforward evolution from a platform that has had huge success. Being able to view stereoscopic 3D with the naked eye is a great innovation, but very straightforward, so I’m very interested in it.”


“Currently we have a lot of titles in development, and we can’t fund a 3DS game ourselves.  So there’s nothing in the works. But I’m very positive on it.”


So there is nothing confirmed through Platinum Games as ‘in development’ for the 3DS yet but it seems very promising based on what Atsushi Inaba had to say about it.