Cubed3 is reporting on a method that allows import Gamecube games to be played on the Wii without a modchip. I don’t know how one would figure this out, but here are the steps to load an NTSC disc on a PAL Wii system (these are the steps for PAL systems, not for the American Wii systems):

  1. Shove in a PAL GameCube disk
  2. Enter the Disk Channel section
  3. Point your Wii Remote at the start button but DON’T start the game just yet.
  4. Press the eject button on the Wii then, after a second or so, click on the on-screen start button on the Wii.
  5. The speedy bit: the moment your Wii chucks out the PAL disk, quickly whip it out and shove in the NTSC disk (you have to be VERY quick).
  6. The game should boot up as normal.

The technique takes a little while from what C3 say, but they say it works just fine. For everyone with a PAL Wii—check it out and see if it works. Let us know in the comments.

Source: Cubed3