Popular Mechanics put together a list of 10 tech concepts you need to know for 2008. This one really stuck out to me. Probably because it mentions Nintendo, and playing games with your mind, for a lack of better words, is Super sweet.

The Nintendo Wii has gotten gamers moving about with its motion-sensitive controllers, but the next generation of game control device may require no movement at all. Video games that can read your mind will invade living rooms in 2008, thanks to electroencephalography (EEG) controllers that detect the electrical activity of the brain. Scientists have been working on the basic concept for several years, developing experimental brain implants that allow paralyzed patients to check their e-mail and move their wheelchair by thinking about it. But the new wave of EEG devices make the transition from medical device to consumer gadget, involving simple headsets that slip on with an array of electrodes to measure brain activity. 

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