So Grace, What got you into gaming? Was it working with Activision that introduced you to video games, or were you a gamer before that?

GRACE KIM: I was a gamer before that. I was actually really into Guitar Hero when it came out. But that was really the only game I was playing. I’m not really into other games like shooters. I really like the guitar, but I can’t play, so I got really into Guitar Hero because it really channels your inner rock star if you can’t play the real thing. I started playing kind of a lot. I stopped going out so much, and on the weekends my friends and I would just play at home the whole time and so we got a little bit obsessed.

At that time, an opening had come up at Activision, who is the publisher of Guitar Hero, and I didn’t have any gaming industry experience, but I had a PR background. So I just thought, Hey I’m going to try out and see if I can get it, because playing the game all day while getting paid doesn’t sound like a bad gig. So I applied amongst I think like 100 applicants and I honestly didn’t think I’d get it because there were so many applicants that had gaming experience. But I think they really valued my passion for the game even though I’m not anywhere near expert level. They definitely appreciated that so, it got me on board.

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