PlayV, the UK-based sub-distributor venture co-funded by V2.Play and Playlogic, has announced its early 2009 line up which sees eleven titles being released across a wide range of formats. The schedule includes releases that cater for both casual and hardcore audiences and it marks a change of momentum for the young venture as it enters the new year.

PlayV’s key titles for early 2009 include the recently-announced Mind Your Language, a suite of language-learning titles for Nintendo DS launching in early February, and the officially licensed Real Madrid – The Game, which will launch in March on handhelds and home platforms. Rounding off the lifestyle side of things is Sudoku Ball Detective on DS. While these carry a keen lifestyle focus, titles such as arcade shooter B Team: Metal Cartoon Squad, Japanese RPG Away: Shuffle Dungeon, epic WW2 strategy title War Leaders: Clash of Nations and piracy-themed RPG adventure Age of Pirates: City Of Abandoned Ships underline a continuing commitment to core audiences. PlayV’s 2009 catalogue is further boosted by the arrival of two licensed DS games aimed at younger audiences: cult high-school rich-versus-poor cartoon Lola and Virginia arrives in February, along with pre-school favourite Pocoyo, who debuts in his first DS release with Hello! Pocoyo. PlayV rounds off its catalogue with snooker and pool simulation Pool Hall Pro and Vertigo, a new take on the classic rolling-ball games of the 1980s. Both are due for release on Nintendo Wii and PC.

Brian Faller, marketing manager, PlayV comments: “We’re very proud of our early 2009 catalogue, which sees a real mix of strong product and fantastic licensing which carry broad appeal. The last quarter of 2008 was all about PlayV establishing itself. The first half of 2009 will be about building on solid foundations and delivering some truly great games to the marketplace”.

PlayV’s Q1 2009 Catalogue in full:

• Mind Your Language – DS – February
• Lola and Virginia – DS – February
• B Team: Metal Cartoon Squad – DS – February
• Hello! Pocoyo – DS – February
• War Leaders: Clash Of Nations – PC – February
• Real Madrid: The Game – PC, Wii, DS, PSP, PS2 – March
• Age Of Pirates – City of Abandoned Ships – PC – March
• Pool Hall Pro – PC, Wii – March
• Vertigo – PC, Wii – March
• Away: Shuffle Dungeon – DS – March
• Sudoku Ball Detective – DS – Q1