Hey everyone! I have a rather unique featured artist to share with you this week. Alice Anderson is a 22 year old Toy Photographer from the UK. In her spare time she takes pictures of toys, but these arnt just your normal everyday pictures. She brings life to these characters through the art of photography. Using her camera and the toys she has at hand, Alice creates amazing photographs that make you feel like the toys are actually alive and posing for a picture. It’s pretty awesome (and a tad adorable). Enjoy!  


KD: Hi Alice! Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself and how you got started with photography?

AA: Hello! I became interested in photography years ago through school and it has just been a huge hobby ever since. I started taking photos of toys around a year ago, which has now become my favourite type of photography. 

KD: How do you decide which toys you want to photograph? Are there specific ones you prefer to use more than others?

AA: I mainly only use toys that are Nintendo based as I have always loved Nintendo, alongside the Nendoroid and Figma figures, which I love as you can change their faces and positions.

KD: I bet its fun to go hunting for different props and figures to use. How do you acquire most of the things that you use in your photography?

AA: I buy most of my figures online, but it’s always fun to go through charity shops and car boot sales to find more props! If I can’t find a prop I want to use then I tend to just make it myself.

KD: What is your process when you have a new idea? How do you come up with what the toys will be doing and the scenery in the background?

AA: I spend quite a lot of time making props, and sometimes it’s the prop which gives me an idea for a photo. But I mainly base them around scenes from the video game itself, such as Link fishing, or Pokèmon battling.

KD: Do you dabble in any other forms of art? Drawing, painting, etc.

AA: I always find myself doing something creative when outside of work, whether it be drawing, painting, or making something with fabrics or clay, but I mainly stick with photography.

KD:  I have to ask, what is your favorite Nintendo game/series, and what do you enjoy about it the most?

AA: Definitely The Legend of Zelda series! I have always loved the games ever since I first played Ocarina of Time. I have loved the Zelda series from the earliest games to the newest! 


KD: Do you sell prints of your photographs? If so, how can our readers purchase one if they’re interested?

AA: Yes! I mainly use instagram for my photography so anyone can contact me through there.

KD: Thanks for taking the time to answer some of my questions Alice! Glad to have you on the site. Where can our readers checkout more of your photography, or contact you if they have any questions?

AA: Anyone can contact me or view my images through Instagram at: www.instagram.com/happymask_salesman8
Thank you, and I look forward to future PNM news!


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