This weeks featured artist is the very multitalented Jasmine Prasad. Checkout some of her amazing artwork, details as to where you can contact Jasmine or get a commission are in the interview below. Enjoy!

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KD: Hi Jasmine! Can you tell our readers a little about yourself and what you do? 

JP: Hey there, I’m a freelance illustrator, graphic and product designer. I’m also a tad geekish, so I create a lot of video game inspired artwork too.

KD: What inspires you when creating artwork? Where do you get your ideas?

JP: My original illustrations on, tend to be a mashup of inspiration from cyberpunk, JRPGs, golden age B movies, 70s fashion models, Indian and Middle Eastern culture and current fashion trends. My initial interest in digital illustration came from drooling over the amazing film and video game concept art I’d see in ImagineFX. Obviously, other artists inspire me too.



KD: When creating things like stickers and iPhone cases, how do you decide which designs to put on them and what’s the process when making those products? Have you ever done any custom pieces?

JP: I’ve created a series of badge packs, Epic Items, each featuring the most memorable items/weapons/power-ups from some of my favourite video games. I then realised the artwork will fit perfectly on iPhone cases/skins so I put some of them up on my Society6. I created the Controller Stickers as an homage to those classic gaming consoles, many of us spent our childhoods playing.

I create my artwork digitally using Photoshop and a Wacom tablet. I haven’t created any custom commissions yet, but this something I really want to do now. If anybody wanted particular items or characters from their own favourite video game, then commission me to create something for you :)

KD: What is your favorite video game or series? Why?

JP: Ah, this is a tough one. Overall, Zelda will always be my favourite series, because its the most consistently good series I’ve ever played. I’ll say Wind Waker is my favourite Zelda game because of the stylized graphics and unique world. The first game I ever played was Super Mario Bros, so the Mario series  is up there too. Outside of Nintendo the GTA series and Deus Ex games. And to show off my true nerd colors, I LOVE Sid Meier’s Civilization series. 

I find as I get older and try new series’ or catch up on classics I missed, I’m getting new favourites. Like, I got into the Resident Evil series pretty late. I also got into Nintendo’s slightly ignored Metroid series via the Prime Trilogy.

KD: What are some of your favorite none gaming pieces that you’ve done?

JP: My favourite piece, more recently, was the vinyl sticker featuring my Vitarka illustration. I was inspired by Kazuma Kaneko demon artwork via the Shin Megami Tensei series, and I’ve been incorporating that surreal style into my new illustrations. Also, Im digging the little polymer clay charm of my avi, Donut Buddy.

KD: Have you ever been involved in any art shows or exhibits?

JP: No, actually. This is something I need to research and get more involved with. So far, I’ve stuck to showcasing my work online via, and social networks. 

KD: Do you have any upcoming projects or pieces you are working on that you’d like to tell us about?

JP: I’m experimenting with working in new mediums. I recently started messing around with polymer clay and I’ve been loving it. I’d like to practise more and eventually work my way up to working with epoxy putty. The goal being, to create detailed figurines of my own characters and maybe some geek culture pieces. I’m also going to be creating some original clothing and accessory designs. 



KD: Thanks so much for the interview Jasmine! Where can our readers go to view or purchase some of your awesome artwork and how would they go about commissioning you?

JP: Thank you for the interview, Kaelyn. You can purchase badge packs, stickers, greeting cards and zines on: Prints, iPhone stuff and even more greeting cards are available on: If you prefer, I also sell prints on INPPRNT: You can buy video game polymer clay pieces on Etsy: Every purchase is greatly appreciated!

For a commission, you can contact me at with your idea. But feel free to say hello via my Twitter: @Jasmine_Prasad too

Any artist interested in having their artwork on or in PNM can contact me at Submit fan art, sculptures, baked goods, comics, etc. If the theme is ‘Nintendo’ we want to see it! You could be the next Pure Nintendo featured artist! Also to see artwork from artists featured in our magazine, PNM, please head to to subscribe! Thanks for reading.