I’m back again with more awesome Nintendo fan art to share with everyone. This time around our featured artist is Amanda aka ‘Manderz’ (@Nrrrd_Grrrl_). She not only games on her WiiU but also uses it to create really cool character artwork. With a wide variety of different TV/video game references there’s surely something that will appeal to everyone, enjoy!


KD: What program do you use on the WiiU to create your artwork?

M: I use “art academy” sketch pad.

“Gotta Jet!”

KD: How long does it take you on average to finish one of your drawings?

M: Oh man, on a good day I can pump out between two to three drawings a day. The more detailed I get I’d say it takes me about three to four hours maybe longer



KD: While browsing through some of your pics I noticed a wide variety of different video game and TV show references, are these your main forms of inspiration or do you paint other things?

M: YES! I am a huge retro Nickelodeon fan. Joe Murray the creator of “Rocko’s Modern Life” really inspires me a lot. As for Nintendo, it’s always had a positive feel for me growing up, I cant say there’s one game I didn’t like.


“A Ripping Good Time”

KD: What TV show or video game do you use for reference the most, and what character do you enjoy drawing the most?

M: Rocko’s Modern Life for sure, I like drawing video game characters that people know, but kinda forget about. They need some love too :D



“Happy New Years! From Me To You”

KD: Do you post these on Miiverse? Could we share your Nintendo network ID so our readers can check out more of your artwork?

M: I sure do!  My NNID: ManderZByteZ Feel free to stop by and say hi!! I post pretty much daily! :D



KD: Are there any other websites where we can see more WiiU drawings or other things you’ve done?

M: I put my WiiU work everywhere really, but you can find the first WiiU drawings I ever did, to the current ones on my tumblr which is : http://8bitbiscuitz.tumblr.com/Wii%20U%20ART

“AAAHH! Real Monsters”


Ren & Stimpy

“Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!”


"Terrible Fate"

“Terrible Fate”

"Link Between Worlds"

“Link Between Worlds”

"Alone in the World was a Little Catdog"

“Alone in the World was a Little Catdog”

"Run Bandicoot"

“Run Bandicoot”

"Heh, oh my..."

“Heh, oh my…”

"Best Pals"

“Best Pals”

"Use the Manual"

“Use the Manual”

"Frog Suits Please!"

“Frog Suits Please!”

"Sweet Victory!"

“Sweet Victory!”

"Extreme Close Up!"

“Extreme Close Up!”

"Funky Dudes"

“Funky Dudes”

"Same Kablam time, same Kablam network"

“Same Kablam time, same Kablam network”

"Iggy Koopa"

“Iggy Koopa”

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