This weeks PN Featured Artist is the very talented Miguel Angel Martinez. A game developer for his own studio SpellWare by day and a freelance artist by night. He loves to create new worlds, challenge players, and surprise artistically. From publication design, interactive media, book illustration, and animation to 3D modeling he has done it all. If you’d like to get in touch with him his contact info will be at the bottom of the interview. Enjoy!


StarFox Team

KD: How long have you been illustrating, when did you realize it was something you wanted to do for a living?

MM: I’ve been drawing ever since I can recall, it is a means of self expression. I have always kept in mind that drawing would eventually be, not only my passion, but a potential means of economic support.  I started very young in the world of illustration and have never ceased to consider it my future.



The Legend of Zelda-Link

KD: What inspires you the most when creating art?

MM: When working on personal drawings, I generally try to imagine a scenario behind the subject.  I stimulate this image through imaginary events. As to other sources of inspiration I would add that I’m highly inspired by music, reading, traveling, and actively playing multiple video games.




KD: What is your favorite Nintendo game, or series?

MM: It’s hard to pick just one! Ok, here are two Nintendo games that actually inspired  and amazed me:

Super Metroid, for me the best entry in the Metroid saga, legendary gameplay discovering planet Zebes. Superb soundtrack.

Zelda 64, the first “Link” adventure on the Nintendo 64 was an amazing journey. I remember how impressive it was entering the big Deku tree, ascending, and fighting against the “skulltulas” surrounded by spider webs. Great memories.


Terry Bogard

KD: How long does it take you on average to complete an illustration?

MM: Although it will depend on the nature of the character, and the fact that final touches take more time, I can usually put together an illustration within two to four days.




KD: Tell us a little about some of the games and projects you’ve worked on and where our readers can check them out.

MM: Currently, I have my own workgroup for game development, Spellware.  Last year we launched a small game for mobile devices called Ghost Match!, which had positive reviews.   We will shortly be launching another one for mobile phones called HeroBall, which is in the process of promotion.  This last project was longer than expected, but thanks to our great team, we ended up with something we believe people will like.  I invite readers to play them(they are free)!

Our next project, which we plan for 2015 is an adventure game designed for traditional systems instead of mobile.  You can follow my games at




KD: Do you ever take commissions for interested customers?

MM: I’m always open to new challenges, I would love to work on commissioned illustrations, so everyone interested is welcome.



Super Castlevania -Simon Beltmont

KD: Thanks for the interview Miguel! Where can our readers checkout some more of your artwork or contact you if they have any questions?

MM: Thank you Kaelyn!, anyone interested can view my portfolio in, follow me on twitter @f0xbyte, check my games at or contact me at,

Thanks to everyone!


Robot Maker

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