This weeks Pure Nintendo featured artist is the awesome Terry Lucas. He uses all different types of mediums to express his love for video games. He also creates custom mask sculptures, including one from a certain 3DS game releasing in just a few of weeks ;D. If you like what you see you can also purchase some of his artwork from his Estsy shop, enjoy!


KD: How long have you been into sculpting and creating art?

TL: I’ve been into sculpting since my junior year in highschool, so I’ve been doing that for 6 years. My focus has been on art in general since I was a small child drawing knights and dragons. I would often be called out of my other classes to help with art related school projects and to help students in higher grades than my own with their pieces. I have also had my work in the Huntington Museum of Art.


Samus’ Mask (Metroid)

KD: I really like your Majora and Metroid masks. What are some of the other projects you’ve worked on that are video game related?

 TL: Thank you! I have always loved Majora’s Mask for its darker, more serious approach. I’ve done several pieces from Majora’s Mask such as scenes from the game burned into wood, to sketches I’ve done for friends. I’ve drawn countless Zelda themed pieces as well as Metroid and Resident Evil pieces. Other mask related pieces are planned for the future such as the Redead mask, Fierce Deity mask and much more. I love doing masks.


Majoras Mask


KD: What other forms of artwork do you dabble in, besides sculpting?

 TL: Drawing is probably what I have done the most but I do pyrography (wood burning), wood carving, air brushing, and painting (oil and watercolor). I’ve also touched in glass art and blacksmithing. Sculpting has been my favorite since I’ve started doing it. There’s something about taking a glob of clay or Magic Sculpt and forming it into something remarkable.

"Skullkid" By Terry Lucas

“Skullkid” By Terry Lucas


KD: What is your favorite Nintendo game or series? Do video games inspire you a lot when it comes to art?

 TL: My favorite Nintendo game series is definitely the Legend of Zelda. But I play a ton of loveable games that are also close to the top of my list like Metroid, Resident Evil, and Dark Souls. Video games inspire me when it comes to art unlike anything else. In my eyes some video games are art. The fantastic lands to explore and unique characters within really make the imagination come to life. When I’m doing video game inspired art I always try to imagine how the place, item or character would look through my eyes as if they existed in the real world with a slight twist. (Battle-torn, damaged clothing, dents and slashes in the armour or shields, gray, foreboding skies, etc.)


Majoras Mask (in process)


KD: Do you have any upcoming projects or a favorite piece you’d like to tell us about?

 TL: I have tons of projects planned. Everything from 12” character model sculpts to large sculpts of famous boss fights like Mother Brain and Ganon. I also plan on doing more large-scale wood burnings of favorite game scenes, dungeons, areas and much more. The possibilities are endless.

KD: Thanks for the interview Terry! Where can our readers checkout more of your art or order custom pieces if their interested?

 TL: No problem at all! It was fun! Anyone interested in placing custom orders of any kind from me can check out my Etsy shop Terry Lucas Art. You can send me a message there for any questions or custom orders! I will have tons of items coming to the shop soon and have a lot of great things planned! Also I will have a Facebook page set up for the shop soon so you can view much more art!

I would also love to do a shout out to my wonderful wife Kayla who is my everything and is always there for me :D. My awesome band of brothers: Wes Davis, Gage Fry, Andrew Kennedy and Tyler Hampton, thanks guys for being such great friends XD. All my family and friends who have supported my artistic efforts, you guys are the best! And last but not least my mom and dad who have been there for me through thick and thin! Also I love all of my other fans and really appreciate every one of you for being interested in what I do! Thanks everyone!


Samus’ Mask (Front View)

Majoras Mask

Majoras Mask

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