I had the honor to talk with Jason Michael Paul, the executive producer of the Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses concert series, about the upcoming Symphony of the Goddesses concerts.

PN: This is a different concert series from last year, right? What is different about it?

Jason Michael Paul: Yes, we are going to have some new material for “Second Quest”. The four movement symphony will be the same but we have some different material and visuals.

PN: What goes into the process of selecting material for the concert?

Jason Michael Paul: Well..it is more or less what feedback we get from the fans. Right now we have Skyward Sword, so we want to include some of that. We also have Wind Waker in HD coming later this year so we are definitely looking into that. Those are the types of things that go into choosing the songs.

PN: How did you become involved in the Legend of Zelda concert series?

Jason Michael Paul: Well I was pretty much the guy who created the concept for the whole symphony. I have a lot of experience doing what I have been doing, about 10 years, with Play: A Video Game Symphony. I think I have a pretty interesting build in creating video game music in a cultured format.

PN: So you brought the idea for the concert to Nintendo?

Jason Michael Paul: Well it was their idea in wanting to do a 25th anniversary concert for Zelda. They knew all the work I did with the Play and the other concert series i was doing.

PN: How nervous were you during E3 2011 when we first heard Zelda in a symphony format?

Jason Michael Paul: I wouldn’t say I was nervous… just more excited getting into Zelda music and seeing it preformed live is something I have always wanted to do so now I had the opportunity and it was wonderful. It was a great experience to see the reaction of Miyamoto-san and all the executives at Nintendo and have them appreciate what we were doing. It was a wonderful feeling.

PN: When touring to different cities do you pick up local symphonies for the concert?

Jason Michael Paul: Yes, we work with local talent in each city. It is a little more cost-effective than touring around with our own orchestra. It would be a little too much to do that.

PN: What takes place when leading up to a concert performance?

Jason Michael Paul: We have two rehearsals and the performance. The rehearsals last about two and a half hours each. The can typically play through the music that first rehearsal. They are amazing in the fact that they can sight-read. These are truly professionals that are performing this music.

PN: Why should someone go see the concert if they haven’t before? Also, what is the reason to go see it again for someone like me who saw it last year?

Jason Michael Paul: Well, because there will be new music. It is ultimately going to be a new show. It is also Zelda. There is so much depth in the franchise that one can pull from.

PN: Will there be something special during the show at E3?

Jason Michael Paul: I cannot really go into specifics…well…we will have some tricks up our sleeves.

Tickets are on sale now for the Legend Of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses concert series.

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