1. What are some of the key gameplay features in LEGO Battles?

[Phill] LEGO® Battles is all about building your base and your army. Players can choose where to place buildings, walls and towers to create a fortification the anyway they want, but more importantly players can mix and match units from the different LEGO themes to create the army they always wanted to have. The LEGO universe allows us to have characters battling it out that are unique and make for some great battles: pirates ships attacking a dragon while fighting an army of aliens is a lot of fun.

2. As an RTS, what were some of the advantages that the DS provided as a platform?

[Phill] The DS is the right platform as the dual screens and touch screen controls allowed us create an interface that was simple for people to get to grips with yet with enough depth to allow them to have full control over their battle.

3. Could you explain a little about the game’s controls, and what RTS fans can look forward to in the game?

[Phill] The controls were something we really wanted to make sure that both veterans and new comers all felt comfortable with. All of the basic controls such as move and attack are done using the touch screen so new players won’t have any problems mastering the basics. We have also included a few advanced controls such as assigning groups so advanced players can get the precise controls they want.

4. Other than Pirates, Space, and Castle, what other LEGO themes/characters appear in the game?

[Phill] I don’t want to give too much away but we have some very cool characters which can be unlocked as you play through the campaign which have their own unique abilities.

5. What are some of the multiplayer modes for LEGO Battles? Are there any that are team based?

[Phill] We have 3 multiplayer modes: Hunt the Hero, Elimination and LEGO Gold Rush. In Hunt the Hero you must find and defeat the Hero character of you opposing players. Elimination requires you to defeat your rival’s buildings and units. LEGO Gold Rush requires you to be the first to collect a set amount of gold bricks in your brick bank. All the multiplayer modes can be played in 3 player and although there are no specific team modes it was always fun when two people decided to make a secret alliance to defeat another opponent.

6. Approximately how many levels are in the single-player/multiplayer modes?

[Phill] We have 90 single player mission spread over 6 different stories and 30 different multiplayer maps.

7. Does the game feature a level designer/editor?

[Phill] We thought about featuring a level designer, but with the number of maps and customization options we wanted players to be able to have fun making their own team rather than worrying about making custom maps.

Thank you for your time!