The latest Pure Nintendo playlist is here to highlight all the great games we’re playing right now! This week’s playlist covers major games and events, from Splatoon 3’s latest Splatfest, to a little tactical gameplay.

With Tears of the Kingdom mere days away, the countdown is unbearable. What do we do? We fill that gaping hole with games. If you’re into tactical/strategy titles, you may know of Advance Wars, but have you heard of The Last Spell? We’re working on a review for this magical medieval outing right now.

Meanwhile, there are visual novels and sims in the mix, with Coffee Talks 1 and Oil Tycoon getting a spin. There’s some retro love, too, with Contra making another appearance. And did you take part in last weekend’s Splatfest? Which team did you choose? The theme was timely, whetting our appetite for Tears of the Kingdom even more. And now we play the waiting game…

What’s on your playlist? Let us know in the comments section!


  • Splatoon 3 (Legend of Zelda Splatfest!): I am so excited that Splatoon incorporated the release of Tears of the Kingdom in the most recent Splatfest, just like they did with the newest Pokémon game. I chose team Courage, as I feel I need to be loyal to my main man, Link. The Triforce-themed level for the Tricolor battle was really awesome, too! I hope we see more Nintendo-themed Splatfests like this in the future.


  • Farming Simulator 23 (Switch) – I’m still plugging away at farm life with the latest iteration in the popular simulation series. Look for my full review soon.
  • Contra Anniversary Collection (Switch) – Once again, I find myself playing a Switch collection that has smaller NES games while I wait for Tears of the Kingdom. Contra and Super C are good ones to tide me over.


  • Coffee Talk (Switch): I replayed this amazing visual novel as prep for its sequel. It was certainly fun to revisit old characters and play something tranquil.
  • Coffee Talk 2: Butterfly and Hibiscus (Switch): I started playing through the latest release in this series and am having fun with it. It’s similar to the first game with some extra sparkle to it.
  • Drill Deal: Oil Tycoon (Switch): In addition to running my own coffee shop, I’m running an oil rig. This business sim has been fun even though there’s a learning curve to it, but it’s always a delight to see that money roll in.


  • Advance Wars (Switch): I’m really enjoying playing through this collection of tactical games, with fun characters, colorful maps, and strategic battles. I’m slowly working through a review for this one, so watch for my full thoughts soon!
  • The Last Spell (Switch): Another review game, this also happens to be a tactical title. The RPG-flavored game features warriors caught in a battle against the undead as they strive to protect a group of mages who must perform The Last Spell to save the world! Sounds epic? It’s also pretty fun. Watch for my full review soon.

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