Another week draws to a close and where does the time go? In between writing, the Pure Nintendo team immerses in varied gaming pursuits, tinkering with old and new games during the week to pass the time.

We’re just as keen to know what’s been on your playlist recently, so let us know in the comments section below.

Justin S

  • Justin SharpSplatoon (Wii U) – Been playing every single day since launch and it’s been tons of fun!  I wish there were some better couch co-op options so Katelyn could play online with me on the same system, but otherwise a very fun game.

James H

Now that my son has started to entertain himself. I found it a good time to catch-up on some old games.

  • Pikmin 3 (Wii U) – I honestly haven’t played this game since a week or two after the original launch. I’m a little lost in what I was doing.
  • Assassins Creed: Black Flag (Wii U) – I find myself constantly coming back to this game and trying to finish it…taking way too long.


  • TrevorDonkey Kong Land II (3DS Virtual Console) – Maybe my perception’s been partially skewed from just replaying DKC on the SNES, but I’m really not overly thrilled with this game.  The original Donkey Kong Land may seem weaker on paper, but it has a lot more charm, and I find it much more enjoyable than Dixie’s sequel. It’ll probably be a long while before I play through DK Land II again.
  • Bionic Commando (3DS Virtual Console) – I downloaded this on a whim earlier in the week when I was stuck in bed sick.  My memories are with the NES, but this Game Boy reimagining has quite a bit going for it.  Is this a case of the handheld version being better than the console one?
  • Steam World Dig (Wii U eShop) – I won a copy of this game a while back on Twitter, and finally started playing it this week.  I’m a few hours into it.  As highly regarded as it was on 3DS, I always thought it deserved a large HD screen.


  • Yoshi’s New Island (3DS) – Since I’ve been at work so much it’s given me a chance to get back into YNI. I’ve finally collected everything in world 1 and moved onto the second area. This game is actually pretty challenging at times, especially when trying to find all of those pesky red coins!
  • Splatoon (Wii U) – Just like everyone else this week I’ve been on a Splatoon kick. Didn’t get my copy until Wednesday morning but I’ve been playing every chance I get. This is one of the funnest games I’ve played in a long time and I can’t wait to see it evolve and become even awesomer! ;)

James C

  • Mario Kart 7 (3DS): For a change of pace (and since I was away without a Wii U for company) I revisited Mario Kart 7. So much love for this game.
  • Pokémon Shuffle (3DS): I don’t know why I keep playing this because it’s getting harder and more frustrating – maybe it’s something to do with catching ’em all? Anyway I’m up to level 158 now. And yes I’m still very much addicted.