The PN Playlist is back! Now that the E3 excitement has died down, we’re ready to get back into some serious gaming – so here’s what’s been keeping us busy lately. With the weekend ahead, let us know your playlists in the comments section below. Happy gaming!

James H

  • Adventures of Pip: I finally had the chance to play this interesting and fun Indie title.
  • Mutant Mudds: Super Challenge (Demo): After embarrassing myself at E3 with this game. I’ve spent some time trying to get better…not working.
  • Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3: Been trying to play this game for a review that I hope will release sometime next week.


  • Smash Bros:  Caught the Trophy Collecting Bug
  • Mass Effect 3:  I should go now…


  • Never Alone: Interesting story driven indie game that has finally made it onto the Nintendo eShop. Be sure to check out my review!
  • Earthbound Beginnings: It’s great to be able to revisit this game with a proper U.S console release! Been tempted to do an impromptu video review of this one, as more people need to discover this awesome game series.


Jemma Casson

  • Mario Kart 8: After a bit of a break (I had withdrawal symptoms) I made time for a few quick races. That’s better…
  • Fullblox: Downloaded this new 3DS title and played through the free levels. Tempted to purchase more …
  • Pokémon Shuffle: The capturing continues … I’m up to level 176 so I feel like I’ve actually made some progress lately.