Own the road

A lot could be written about Out Run.  The impact the game had on the arcade scene, its nonlinear gameplay, the genius of designer Yu Suzuki, etc.  But all that really matters is that it’s pure fun.  The SEGA 3D Classics line is strong, but when push comes to shove none can quite match the enjoyment I get when playing 3D Out Run!

Out Run is racing game, but unlike Suzuki’s Hang On the focus is less on speed and tight cornering and more about the driving experience.  You can adjust the difficulty and timer to strict settings, and while success under these challenging conditions is plenty rewarding, the game is just as enjoyable (if not more so) simply cruising around.  Whether you choose to weave between traffic to beat the clock, or simply go for a pleasant drive to enjoy the sights and sounds, the game remains great fun!  Speaking of the sights …

Out Run drivingThe bright and colorful visuals of Out Run make me think of summertime.  The variety of textured roadside scenery is hard to fully appreciate due to the game’s speed, but a wild crash helps draw attention to the details while adding fun animations.  The many routes to choose from allow for lots of diversity!  Various cabinet settings offer further enhancements.  For those with an eye for it, the game is 60 fps, and doesn’t skip a beat with the 3D fully active.  The separation it gives between the car and the road may seem subtle, but comes in handy when approaching traffic.  Definitely more of an asset than a hindrance, the game just looks better in 3D!

Out Run radioHow can I not devote a full paragraph to the game’s music?  Magical Sound Shower. Passing Breeze, and Splash Wave are all glorious tracks, and make driving around a joy!  Out Run was ahead of its time in offering a radio where you could select from different tunes.  Two newly created songs have the tall task of measuring up to these iconic gems.  Neither are better than the originals, but they are quite respectable all the same.  The added variety is a plus, and they fit the game well.

The controls are smooth, and you can upgrade them to be even smoother.  Success unlocks different vehicle customizations, which improve the car (and change its color).  They are optional, but welcomed.  There is no gyroscope controls this time, but you can map the buttons as you see fit, or use the stylus for a different feel.

Out Run sceneryWhile Out Run is a shorter game due to its arcade origins, don’t be shocked if you find yourself replaying it at length trying to get all the different endings or improving your rank on the (local) leaderboards.  The game is highly addictive!  I could probably pick apart some of its more dated aspects if pressed, but I simply won’t allow myself to do so.  Out Run is an arcade treasure, and I’m fully embracing the nostalgia it evokes!  It’s a must have download, and one that sits beautifully along Yu Suzuki’s other 3D Classics gracing the eShop, Space Harrier, Super Hang-On, and After Burner II.  Don’t miss 3D Out Run!

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