First with Abyss and followed with Darts Up, EnjoyUp Games seems to be in the process of porting several of their popular handheld titles to Wii U.  If they’re good games like 99Seconds though, there’s reason for excitement.  The 99 games formed a trilogy on DSiWare, and 99Seconds is definitely the best of the bunch.

It’s a race against the clock in this fast paced game.  Ever changing obstacles fill the screen, and hitting any reduces further the quickly shrinking timer.  Fast reflexes for avoidance and collecting powerups are the order of the day here, as you try to accumulate the highest score in arcade like fashion.  If that sound like your cup of tea, there’s a good amount of enjoyment to be had here.

Graphics were never a main focus  for the 99 games on DSiWare, and that continues to hold true.  The retro style is quite simple, but still pretty slick for what it is with lots of funky shapes and such.  The clean visuals certainly look better on an HD TV than they did on DSi.  Everything runs extra smooth, and there are even fun cameos from other games that can add to your point total.  Seeing Cubit the Robot running across the screen brings a big grin to my face!

Tight control is a necessity for a game of this type, and thankfully 99Seconds comes through with quick and responsive control.  The game may not be simple (there’s good challenge) but dodging about and slowing down time is.  With options to use the GamePad, Pro Controller, Wiimote, or Classic Controller Pro, EnjoyUp has ensured everyone will be pleased!  The choices are appreciated.

HD visuals and expanded control options are nice, but is there anything sizably new about 99Seconds on Wii U?  Absolutely, in fact several new things really enhance the formula.   The two biggest are multiplayer and leaderboards.  You can now play with up to five friends in either Arcade or Survival Modes.  The latter makes you feel like a target in a “bullet hell” style shooter.  Multiplayer is a lot of frantic fun, and good for some chuckles!  Ranking mode is for solo play, sending your best score to a leaderboard.  These were just local prior, but now you can compare your scores (across three difficulties) with friend and competitors the world over.

Admittedly, a game of this style is a much better fit on a handheld.  But that doesn’t change the fact that this Wii U version is superior to its predecessor.  With sharper visuals, better music, multiplayer support, and online leaderboards, 99Seconds on Wii U improves in many ways.  If you have arcade sensibilities and like chasing high scores, 99Seconds is your kind of game.  It’s a fun and polished download, well worth just $2.49.