Alien on the Run is a comical little game that has you taking control of an extra terrestrial critter trying to return to his home planet.  In a UFO filled with traps, can you help the little fella get back home?  You might want to take on the challenge – this new eShop download is more fun than anticipated.

Alien on the Run - Delude

Maneuvering though a variety of zones replete with obstacles is how this game’s structured.  There’s a tutorial (rookie zone) to help you get a feel for the gameplay before being left to take up the challenge.  While there are ideal progressions, your choices make the game non linear.  Icy floors, moving walkways, and electric tiles are just some of the pitfalls you’ll be facing throughout the zones.  There are also a small handful of devices, some which should be avoided while others must be interacted with.  The zones are short, and the brisk pace (coupled with unlimited lives and quick loads) makes this an ideal handheld game for brief play sessions.

Alien on the Run - iceAlien of the Run’s main hurdles are tractor beams, which populate every corner of the large ship.  The yellow ones can be destroyed with a well-timed button press, and the show boating expressions (fever action poses) displayed when doing so are absolutely hilarious!  The alien (named Delude) will strike a stance with cheerleading pom poms, model a rose in his mouth ala Don Flamenco, read the news paper while sitting on the toilet, etc.  The poses are almost always goofy, and with so many to see (and the rapidness which they’re displayed) I haven’t got sick of them yet.  Unlike the yellow, purple tractor beams don’t lead to comical poses, and must either be bypassed or broken free from via button mashing.  It isn’t the most elegant control setup, but it’s simple.

Alien on the Run - showboatingThe fifth level of each zone diverges slightly, having you collect scattered chili sauce.  This change helps repetition not to set in.  The results themselves are very repetitive – Delude drinks the hot sauce, blows himself surface side, only to have his dopey pals hurl him back.  It’s a humorous break from the action initially – thankfully it can easily be skipped if you choose to later.  With times recorded and grades given, there’s welcomed replay incentives.  You can also earn customization options, letting you change Delude’s color from the standard yellow.

This game doesn’t excel with either graphics or audio, but both get the job done.  It’s mainly filled with metallic looking corridors, and has no 3D effects at all.  However I enjoy the funny animations.  The recurrent music manages to still be lively, with an almost game show type air.  The over the top sound effects, and unseen audience track are nice additions, adding to a fun atmosphere.

Alien on the RunIf I was scoring Alien on the Run game by categories, it would seem below average.  However it rises to be greater than the sum of its parts.  While there’s certainly room for improvement, don’t be turned off by its look.  This game’s proven quite entertaining, and at just $3.99 there’s no reason not to add this amusing title to your 3DS collection.

Alien on the Run - title