Indie collaborations have become more common this past year, and I suspect they’ll keep growing in 2015.  I welcome these, especially if they produce more titles like Blok Drop X Twisted Fusion.  This latest project from RCMADIAX and Leuvsion takes the puzzle style gameplay of Web Framework pioneer Blok Drop U,  and develops it within the fantasy world of Kickstarter success Twisted Fusion (arriving on Wii U in early spring).   Not only does this let the game have fun visuals, it also expands the gameplay.  Guiding a single object (GoGo) to safe landings is still key, but now enemies also need to be eliminated along the way.  This makes the title longer, more challenging, and ultimately more satisfying.

Blok Drop X Twisted Fusion - animationsRight from the start Blok Drop X Twisted Fusion grabbed me.  Its interactive title screen slowly pans across colorful settings, while rousing music blares in the background.  The early favorable impressions grew with the level select screen – divided into categories it was clear this game would have more content than Blok Drop U.  In fact the 50 levels don’t just nearly double the original’s 30, but the increase in challenge means individual levels are played longer.

The difficulty is nicely balanced by reasonably generous hit detection on enemies, and the fact that levels can be skipped up to a point should they prove overly frustrating.  Further the level design is such where there is a good mix of puzzles requiring a deliberate style of play, and those that are more for experimenting.  In the original random tapping might eventually lead to some success, but much less so here.  The introduction of enemies means often doing things in a particular order (setting off chain reactions as an example).  Timing is much more key as well.   As a Blok Drop U veteran I initially felt the physics were slightly altered (inconsistencies aren’t uncommon in physics based games) but in reality it’s probably more having to adjust my play to the expanded design this new game encompasses.

An aspect where I’m not totally convinced the physics are the same is with GoGo.  A cute character, he feels somewhat different from the red blok of the original.  Bouncing and walking in interesting ways at times, he nonetheless adds some personality and extra challenge to the proceedings.  Being able to lose him off the sides of the screen is an additional new aspect.

Blok Drop Twisted Fusion - IcyAs an audio/visual package, Blok Drop X Twisted Fusion is a big advancement.  Color was in short supply with the original – here it’s very evident!  Attention to detail has increased also, with the Twisted Fusion elements making for an entertaining game to view.  While Blok Drop U had music, there was no real diversity.  The looping techno track (though a catchy grower) pales in comparison to the developed tunes drawn from Twisted Fusion.  Just listen to the trailer to hear for yourself.  My only wish is for an option to adjust audio levels – the shrill sound effects fare badly against the music.

Blok Drop Twisted Fusion - level selectOne area where I feel this game lacks is replayability.  As more of these puzzles have one solution, there’s less incentive to return to them.   There’s also no local leaderboards, Miiverse stamps, or things like these.  Still, there is plenty of content for just $1.99.  I should also note that there is an unfortunate bug on one level that makes the current build impossible to 100% without a code!  The devs are addressing it thankfully

Blok Drop X Twisted Fusion is an enjoyable game, one that should whet the appetite for fans of either series.  As Twisted Fusion prepares for its Wii U launch, and Blok Drop U awaits its next update, this is a fun game that’s definitely worth downloading.  Just be prepared for stiff challenges at times.