If you enjoy chasing high scores, the odds are good that Dolphin Up will entertain you. How long you’ll remain entertained is a fair question though, since there just isn’t a whole lot to this game. Is what’s on offer sufficient?

Dolphin Up presents two minute levels with the goal of pulling off various tricks to rack up the highest scores possible.  I must stress that if playing for points isn’t your thing, this game’s not for you.  If you have an arcade type mentality though, you’ll probably get a kick from seeing your scores increase over time.  The game has leaderboards (local, friends, and online) where you can chart your progress.  These are necessary for a game of this nature, and a real incentive to keep playing.  My one disappointment is that they are limited to just one top score. I’ll explain …

The game lets you choose from three different characters and locales.  It’s a small bit of variety, but welcome all the same.  I wish the leaderboards showed the top score for every level.  That omission is by no means a deal breaker, but it does strike me as odd for a game that puts so much emphasis on points.

Gameplay is quite basic, but you’ll need practice if you expect to accumulate a sizable score.  A tutorial will introduce the essentials, and there is a free swim mode to try out different techniques. I must admit that building up enough speed to shoot your porpoise up into the stars is pretty thrilling!

Don’t expect much audio/visual thrills here.  The game reflects its mobile origins with sufficient but unexceptional graphics.  The sound effects are fine, but the lack of any music whatsoever is a major downer!

I had some fun with Dolphin Up, but honestly I don’t see myself returning to it that often.  If you are just looking for a short-term way to pass the time, you could do far worse than Dolphin Up.  It’s not a bad little game, but it does feel a bit light on content, even for just $3.99.  I also wish it was on the 3DS instead of the Wii U.  It’s two minute levels make it a handheld game at heart.