Every once in a while I get the chance to review an awesome game, a game that I will actually go back and play after I review it.  Sadly this was not the case with ‘Don’t Crash!’ a new WiiU eShop title by RCMADIAX.  In this very mundane game, your sole purpose is to avoid crashing. It might sound intriguing, as it did to me but do not be fooled fellow gamers!  I never like giving bad reviews but there is no way around this one folks.


There is no need for a tutorial, the only thing you need to know is that you can change lanes by pressing the A button.  That is all you will be doing…the whole time.  I suppose the creators of this game were going for simplistic gameplay but this was just a bit too simple in my opinion.  There was no menu when you begin, there are no settings of any sort, it just starts you off on your little oval racetrack each time you begin the game.


You get a background change once in a while but its not really anything to look forward to.  As your little blue car goes in circles around the little oval racetrack, there is another car in the opposite lane as you.  You need to pay attention and watch for him to change lanes.  When he does you simply press A and switch lanes as well, avoiding a CRASH!  Each lap counts as a point, and you progressively start to go faster as your score grows.


You can share your score on miiverse with other players but that is the only other thing you can do while playing ‘DON’T CRASH’.  I was almost shocked at the lack of content, even for a budget game like this.  What about a multiplayer mode, a way to unlock different skins for your cars, a different shaped track? ANYTHING FOR CRYNG OUT LOUD! Just a little bit more pizazz and I think ‘DON’T CRASH’ would have been the fun addicting game it was trying to be.


Even though its only $1.49 I would say, skip it.  This is not a game you will come back to and its definitely not a game that should be on the WiiU.  Hopefully this trend of mobile app store type games showing up in the eshop will come to an end sometime soon.  Unless you’re insane for going in circles ( which is perfectly fine, we don’t judge here at Pure Nintendo) avoid this wreck of a game and checkout something else.