Dot Arcade is a very unique game amongst the growing collection on Nintendo’s Wii U eShop.  The name really explains it all.  There are three 8×8 dot games that are inspired by retro arcade cabinets and simple graphics.  The game is really going after immediate accessibility and skips all of the elements we’re used to seeing in games today: storyline, 3D visuals, voice acting, etc.  In the case of Dot Arcade, I believe the simplistic atmosphere is a great direction and the lack of story or any of those other elements is definitely a positive.


The three games included in Dot Arcade are Mr. Snake, Dodge Club, and Rally Driver.  Mr. Snake is a basic snake-style game with a couple of twists.  The snake is represented as the yellow dots, the food as the green dots, and the obstacles as the blue dots.  The blue dots slowly move down the screen at various intervals and it’s the player’s job to avoid them while simultaneously collecting as many green dots as possible.  Think of all of these Dot Arcade games as distilled versions of games you’ve probably played before.  Instead of complex physics or AI, the player has to rely on simple reflexes to attain high scores.


In Dodge Club, players take control of a square of dots and the goal is to dodge the other dots on the stage.  It sounds simple but I found it to be the most challenging of the three games.  In Rally Driver, players drive a ‘car’ made up of two yellow dots.  The left and right sides of the stage show pulsating white lights that indicate the speed.  The whole goal in this game is to avoid the other racers on the track and survive as long as possible.  I actually did the best in this game.  My high score is 23.  My high score in Mr. Snake is 18 and my high score in Dodge Club is only 13.  Oh, and before I forget, be sure to check out the game’s manual as it’s filled with fun bits of artwork and lots of clever writing.


All in all, Dot Arcade is a fun diversion from the more complex games out there.  It’s simple and can be fun in spurts.  My only real gripe with the game is the price may be a bit high for those that are curious.  At $4.99, it may be a bit much for what’s offered.  There is no multiplayer capabilities or even a leaderboard to compare your scores with friends.  That being said, the developer’s goal was to create a distilled experience that was fun to pick up and play and they definitely succeeded in that regard.  If you’re looking for a simplistic, relaxing and fun game, Dot Arcade may be right up your alley.