I enjoy a good word search game on my 3DS every now and again, they’re fun for quick breaks at work or help the time pass if you’re sitting in a waiting room or on a long car ride. Lightwood Games’ newest installment to the eshop is ‘Epic Word Search’, a portable collection of different seek and find puzzles with themes like food, TV, movies, sports and rock. But these are not your typical word searches, no these are EPIC… but not in the way you were hoping for.


Games like Epic Word Search are risky because people either like them or they don’t and they’re usually not the most popular choices when compared to other eshop titles, but there’s definitely a market for it. So as most of you know you have a list of words and you must search for each word in grid like mass full of other letters. The words can go up, down, left, right or diagonal. Using the stylus you must highlight the words in no specific order, find all the words and you’ve completed the puzzle!


Epic Word Search is like no other seek and find experience I’ve ever had. Unlike other word search games where all of the words and the puzzle fit on one screen, you will be scrolling around a huge grid or different colored puzzles that go with whichever theme you picked from the menu screen. For example if you chose Movies, you will be searching through one big puzzle with different sections for different movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Forrest Gump, Harry Potter, Toy Story and many more. You use the control stick to scroll around and if you press the A button you can see an overview of the whole puzzle and the percentage you have completed for each movie.


The gameplay itself can sometimes be bit frustrating seeing as the puzzles are HUGE! Each one contains about 1500 words each which actually is pretty epic but my eyes were tired of scrolling through all of those letters after a while. There’s a place on the main menu where you can see your overall completion of each puzzle and you can also see the progress of other players through streetpass.


Epic Word Search is definitely a game that will keep you busy for a very long time, unless you’re some kind of robot that was built specifically for word searching. The controls were smooth and everything is very straight forward and to the point. The background music, which is a soft piano tune does get a little repetitive but you can always turn it down or listen to your own tunes. The $7.99 price tag is a bit steep in my opinion but some of you word puzzle fans might be willing to cough up the dough for this EPIC experience. I however, even though the game isn’t bad, recommend waiting for a discount .