In concluding my review of I’ve Got to Run for the Wii U I said, “I hope to see more of Roy – a 3DS port of this game or DLC updates would be great!”  Turns out this 3DS version is far more than a just a mere port.  With so many new additions it’s more like a true sequel, and a very good one at that.

This endless runner returns the modes from the original game, while adding three new ones.  Expert is for IGTR veterans like myself, with emphasis on heavily increased speed.  Flip takes the classic mode and turns it around, adding the fun twist of running backwards.  Lastly, flight gives far more jump opportunities to remain in the air, but adds flying hazards to deal with.  The new modes are cool, and mix well with the returning.

Besides Roy, many new unlockable faces have joined the cast of IGTR.  Ren and Yor make for interesting editions to the marshmallow peeps field, but it’s the characters from other games that really steal the show.  Hopping about as Kubi from Bit Boy!! Arcade or rolling around as Armillo is much more fun than I expected it to be, and a real treat!

Graphically this is superior to the Wii U début.  In my original review I commented that a bit of scrolling or animation could liven up the static backgrounds.  This Complete Edition now has both, making for much more satisfying visuals.  There’s even a new curtain inclusion, which will close off the background for those who might find the new touches distracting.  Choices like that show great care!  Optional new camera angles also provide further diversity, while taking advantage of the 3D.  Some fresh music tracks help to round things out.  They’re quite well composed, and easy to get stuck in your head if you play the game for extended lengths.  Very good musical support!

Control has been tweaked slightly, though not necessarily for the best.  A new auto-jump has been added, but I found it more of a hindrance than an asset.  You need to constantly hold down on the directional controls to disable it, and while that’s a functional setup it’s hardly ideal.  The original controls were fine – tweaks were unnecessary.  The option to control with a stylus has also been removed, though the buttons are preferable anyway.

I was sad to see that leaderboards weren’t added this time around.  Miiverse is nice, but it can’t properly substitute for online (or even local!) rankings.  In the long-term it will likely impact the replay factor, although the game’s still plenty enjoyable as is.

Along with the increase in content comes an increase in price – form $1.99 to $4.99.  While some may pause at this (considering many mobile endless runners are free) the price reflects the additional content and improvements.  I certainly think it’s worth it, especially if you enjoyed the original like I did.

While my fondness for the Wii U version remains, I’ve Got to Run: Complete Edition! on 3DS is definitely the better game.  There’s simply much more to enjoy here, not to mention being a far better fit for a handheld device.  If you’re at all interested in endless runners, be sure to give this game a download!  It’s very enjoyable, with a surprising amount to offer.  You may easily find yourself hooked on it!

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