A look at My Style Studio: Notebook

I’m not exactly sure what type of category “Lifestyle” is, but My Style Studio: Notebook is an edutainment application for creative types.  This isn’t a deep program like SDK Paint, but if you’re a Wii U owner with a youngster, this new download release from Cypronia is worth considering.

My Style Studio NotebookThe previous release in the My Style Studio line, Hair Salon, had some commendable features, but the appeal with Notebook is obviously wider.  Besides drawing tools, you can take pictures, make flipbook animations, and use stamps.  The game isn’t very complex, but perhaps a small tutorial would’ve been nice as the manual is lacking.

You can draw with a pen, pencil, crayon, marker, or “Spray”.  The amount of tools available is on the light side, and we found many produced results that were just too similar.  Nevertheless this simplistic approach, while falling short compared to its peers, does make the title more accessible for the less artistically inclined.  Photos can be inserted, and while you (expectedly) can’t share them on Miiverse, drawing on them can be a entertaining.  The flipbook feature is intriguing, but clunky and impractical when compared to Flipnote Studio 3D – which many got for free through Club Nintendo.  There are 30 stamps for use in game, but it seems a shame that none can be used in Miiverse alone like other titles.

My Style Studio Notebook 2Graphically this has a cute presentation with a clean interface, but the visual allure is really dependent on your own creativity.  Check out some Miiverse posts in the community to see the range of talent.  The lone music track is cute and inoffensive.  I like the whistling interludes, but a lack of variety does hurt.  Another tune or two would’ve been appreciated.  The sound effects are solid.

“Players of all ages can enjoy painting” makes for nice press, but in reality I think this is mainly for little kids as a first art program.  It feels to limited otherwise, and several aspects could definitely be improved with some adjustments.  Children may not care however, and parents can appreciate the charm and family friendly nature of the title.  There’s three profiles too, so many can participate.  At just $2.99, young ones (and maybe young at heart) can have fun scribbling, taking pictures, playing with stamps, and letting their creative juices flow.

Thanks to Cypronia for sharing a press code with PN.

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