Paper Monsters Recut is a fun 2D platformer from the people at Mobot Studios. Originally released as ‘Paper Monsters’, a mobile app game in 2013. This updated recut version for the WiiU comes with new redesigned levels, awesome 3D backgrounds and also adds new more frequent power ups than its predecessor. I never had a chance to play the mobile version, which apparently was very popular. But I can say that after playing Paper Monsters Recut for the WiiU, I can see why.


The reason I like this game so much is because its easy to pick up, easy to play and addictively fun. The story is very charming along with the main character. You play as a cardboard robot who must defeat all of the paper monsters in Paper Land to restore peace, simplistic but intriguing enough. The B button is used for jumping and the Y button is used to run, if you tap B twice you can perform a double jump which is necessary to get across most of the gaps you’ll be jumping over. The gameplay is very smooth and fast paced, but you can also slow down and explore to find hidden secrets and passages. The tutorial level at the beginning is helpful but also optional which I liked.


What really steals the show in Paper Monsters Recut is the beautiful scenery within the game. It’s a 2-D Platformer but the paper world around you along with all of the scenery is done in beautiful 3D. Even the over world where you choose which level you’ll be playing next is amazing to look at. Everything is done in bright vivid colors. It reminded me a lot of the Paper Mario series, just the way they made you feel like you are in a world that’s really made entirely out of paper (and a few other desktop crafts). Speaking of Mario, you’ll notice a lot of other things in this game that seem like they were influenced by the Mushroom Kingdom. Including tubes that warp you around levels, the noise paper robot makes every time he jumps and various other things.


This game is pretty easy, I don’t think it will take you to long to beat it, unless your one of those people that’s horrible at timing jumps. But hey even if you get through the game more quickly than you’d like there’s always the bonus levels and the many hidden secrets to search for. You can play off screen on your WiiU gamepad with full sound as well. I highly recommend purchasing Paper Monsters Recut for the WiiU, especially since its only 7.99. Its one of those games you can just pick up and play anytime.