I am a huge Seinfeld Fan; it’s one of only two 90’s syndicated shows, the other being The Simpsons, which I still watch regularly. I’m not going to fully compare Proun+ to Seinfeld, that would be blasphemy, but much like the famous Larry David production, Proun+ is a game really about nothing, but yet still pretty entertaining.

I’m trying not to over simplify the premise behind Proun+, but it’s pretty hard not to.  Players control a ball that moves around a fixed pipe through a 3D course. Surprisingly, and much like the Super Monkey Ball games, this idea works. Just take a look at the video below to get a good idea what the game is like.

Proun+ does offer some options to the ball rolling madness. Besides just eleven tracks, that take you through different environments, the game offers 4 different ways to play each of these courses; with different racing modes and a point system. Being a game of progression, there’s also five different speed levels available. Starting with the lazy pace, or the term the game uses, “Relaxed,” where the ball wanders through the course at a pretty simple pace. After that’s mastered, the game kicks it up a notch into: Fast, Sonic, Super Sonic and Speed of Light. But that’s not all Sally (Or whatever your name is)!  Those course lap times that you expertly mastered can be added onto an online leader board and shared with the whole world, even though this function didn’t seem to be working for me.

The idea behind Proun+ may seem simple but that doesn’t mean the game is lacking in great aesthetics. The environments, as you see in the video above, are simple but very pleasing and relaxing to travel through. Furthermore, the ball travels through the course with a smooth jazz soundtrack that makes the game even more appealing and relaxing.

Proun+ was originally released on iOS last year but the 3DS version is more than a direct port. Proun+ 3DS brings all the fun from the iOS version but emphasizes 3D. A ball moving on a fixed line through a 3D environment screams stereoscopic 3D. For the most part, Proun+ delivers. I played the review on the original 3DS and at times my jerking knocked me out off that perfect 3D viewing and I also noticed some 3D ghosting, but when everything was right, the 3D affects were amazing. I imagine playing Proun+ on a New 3DS/New 3DS XL would solve all these issues.

Proun+ is a great “3D sports racing game” (Nintendo classification). The game is pretty simple, and the track selections are limited, but with leaders boards and five advancing speed options, Proun+ has huge replay value. If you’re looking for a quick, fun, challenging, game then Proun+ is for you.