The original Pyramids debuted way back in October 2011.  Three years later its sequel has finally arrived.  Will Pyramids 2 find the same success its predecessor did, or even surpass it?

PyramidsIn this puzzle platformer you once again take control of the unnamed pyramid explorer in his search for all sorts of treasures.  The setup is the same – 54 levels spread across 6 named worlds.  It’s very familiar, yet new levels, enemy types, and more still manage to make it feel somewhat fresh for us Pyramid veterans.

CTR_N_JYHE_Top_Screen400x240aThe game starts off gentle enough, with the single screen stages  showcasing uncomplicated designs, and sparse enemies.  Things quickly become quite challenging however, and replaying the levels to earn all three stars makes it even more so.  Finding the secondary treasures are difficult enough, but some of these optional time limits will really keep you playing!  Thankfully the bulk of the content can be enjoyed without having to worry about them.  By the time they do become a necessity late in the game, your skills will have improved.  Challenge seeker take note – Pyramids 2 offers a lot!

This game presents a pretty good audio/visual package for the genre.  Thematic music compliments the action, with solid sound effects to round things out.  It’s a much more colorful affair than its predecessor also.  New level types incorporating darkness and the use of lamps show off lighting.  The 3D, while admittedly not adding a great deal, is pleasant.  Seeing the explorer fly at the screen upon failing is funny, in spite of his obnoxious yelling.

screen shot cOne could argue that the content here is lower when compared to similar games.  By the same token one could argue the content is endless, thanks to the ability to craft and share your own levels and download those from other players.  The editing functions aren’t really explained well, so you’ll want to play around with them for a while.  I’d also suggest doing so on an XL model due to the cramped size.  Everything seems quick and responsive though, at least in my (admittedly limited) exploration of it.  Your appreciation of this feature might be the swaying point for this title.  The player created levels I’ve downloaded via QR codes are fun, and I hope to see many more of them!

Pyramids 2 is an improved sequel, but not drastically so.  For such a long gap between releases, it’s still quite familiar.  I’ve enjoyed my time with both games, and suggest them to puzzle platformer fans.  Pyramids 2 is a rewarding game worth your time, but make sure you take advantage of the level creation features to get the most from it.  Download it today, and start using those QR codes!