Some months back I reviewed a game called Atlantic Quest, a match three affair that’s better than many.  Safari Quest is from the same developer and publisher, and basically Atlantic Quest in different environments.  It’s still enjoyable, although it offers little fresh material in a crowded genre.

The main draw for Safari Quest is how it implements three unique matching modes.  Besides the traditional sliding you can also drag the stylus and draw.  Tapping clusters of three or more is also an option, even when they aren’t in straight lines.  You can utilize any method at any time, although I did notice the selection process was slightly quirky on occasion.  Tapping a choice with the stylus would sometimes not activate it, despite the audible clicking noise!  Using the L and R buttons might be preferable.

Safari Quest (top screen)The top screen displays some of your safari animal friends.  While the 3D effects don’t do a great deal for them, they’re mainly present for special abilities.  They have powers over the play field which you can earn, although experimentation is needed to see what each one does.  They add some ever so slight personality to a straightforward looking and playing game.

The bonus tile puzzles are back, but Safari Quest has sadly axed its achievement setup.  Atlantic Quest had many trophies you could earn and view, which was a nice inclusion.  Why there’s nothing comparable here is unknown, but it does hurt the overall package.  Content is also affected by there being less levels and locales here – you simply won’t be playing as long-term.

Safari Quest bonus puzzleIf you’ve enjoyed Atlantic Quest, this offers more of the same.  It’s no better though, and in fact weaker in some ways.  Control quirks, a missing feature, and slightly less content don’t help.  Only enthusiasts need consider it if they have the former.   If you missed it however, Safari Quest is addictive and fun for match-three fans.  This 3DS port also comes in slightly cheaper than the pc version, although still more than its predecessor.


Safari Quest