Search for secrets among the ruins of great ancient civilizations!

Like City Mysteries, this is a globetrotting hidden object game from Selectsoft.  And as was the case with its predecessor, I feel the theme could be better represented.  It held my attention through to completion, but I can’t say it’s any better than its many siblings.

Having reviewed four of these Selectsoft games now, I’ve come to accept their deliberately eschewing stories and lengthier experiences, even if it’s an approach I disagree with – the 3DS market differs from mobile.  For what it is, Secret Empires is probably as solid as the others.  It doesn’t excel in any real ways, making it an average game, yet there aren’t any massive missteps either. Secret Empires 2

I did seem to notice more control sensitivity, and objects having “sweet spots”.  At this point though, having played so many of these titles recently, it’s hard to say how much this really factors.  I also became more aware of misleading items – there could be two kinds of rope, but only one “hanging” rope.  This isn’t a bad thing, providing an extra element of challenge to a casual game.  Further, I enjoyed some of the sliding tile puzzles especially as they seemed to offer more challenge while showcasing some attractive stills.

I’m not sure how much more I can say.   If you haven’t been burnt out by these hidden object games, this is a fair entry.  The rapidly growing genre could use a bit more variety though, which these releases don’t offer.  And once again there’s the cost factor – this is a 99 cent game on mobile, selling for $4.99 on the eShop!

Secret Empires 1Secret Empires of the Ancient World will appeal to fans who don’t mind a basic, short-lived hidden object game.  I recommend it over the similar City Mysteries and Gothic Masquerade.  Scouring the Aztec, Mayan, Incan, and Anasazi cities, will keep you entertained for an hour at least.