Skullcandy was kind enough to let us try one of their newer headsets, the PLYR 1. I feel it’s fair to start by saying the PLYR 1 is technically not compatible with the Wii U.  In fact, you may be hard pressed to find many headsets that are truly compatible with the Wii U, with its lack of an optical audio port. With that said, most HD TV’s have optical audio ports built-in. In fact, I pulled out my 6-year old Westinghouse TV to confirm that it does in-fact have an optical port. This almost standard of the optical port on TV’s could be the reason Nintendo decided against adding the extra port, and cost, to the Wii U.

I have played around with my fair share of headphones in my life. While working at Best Buy I had to familiarize myself with most Tritton and Turtlebeach headphones. I have also personally owned a wireless headset from both of these companies. The PLYR 1 is my first journey into the world of Skullcandy.


I will just go ahead and give you a reason to stop reading this review right here. The PLYR 1 is one of the best all-around wireless headphones for under $200. Done, review over (drops mic). Oh, you are still here? Then I guess I shall continue.

PLYR 1 offers 7.1 Dolby digital surround sound, a solid moveable mic and an easy setup. In fact, the setup is what I found most impressive about the PLYR 1 (Seeing I can be extremely lazy). The main station doubles as a docking and charging station for the headset. For me, the stand fits nicely behind my TV, keeping everything out of view which makes the wife very happy. Three simple plugs have the headset up and running: optical cable to the TV, USB cable from the station to the gaming console for the power, and another cord from the station to the headset to be used for headset charging. For me there was no syncing or configuration required. Once all three components were connected, the headphones were ready and I was ready to play.

The headphones themselves are very simple but conveniently made with the gamer in mind. Mentioned above, the mic is made out of sturdy, moldable, rubber which can be easily morphed into a comfortable position. It would also be extremely difficult to break the mic, which is a common issue with other headphones after being tossed out the window in a fit of rage.  The headset itself is made out of thick, but surprisingly light, plastic and the ear cups have thick but comfortably fitting foam that hugs the ears. These factors make the PLYR 1 one of the most comfortable, and solid, headphones I have ever used.


There are only two basic controls on the headset itself. The first is the obvious power button that turns the headset on. The second is a joystick, on the right headphone, that can easily be used to turn the volume up or quickly switch between three EQ positions that activate bass mode, supreme mode for full frequency response, and precision mode that highlights the mids and highs.


The PLYR 1 headphones are nicely designed with the gamer in mind. Yes, they technically do not fully work with the Wii U, but do offer the standard 3.5mm jack that allows connection to the GamePad for voice chat. If you do not have an optical audio port on your TV, you will sadly need to stay away from the PLYR 1. If you do, and are interested in purchasing higher end headphones ($170), the PLYR 1 is something to consider.