Titan Attacks! is described as a “modern remix of classic arcade shoot’em’ups, and that’s a spot on description.  It’s a take on Space Invaders and Galaga, with a bit of Missile Command and Asteroids thrown in for good measure.  The game has 100 levels that will start you at Earth, before moving to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.  Driving back this alien invasion is good fun.

Plenty of modifications and upgrades can be made to your ship as you earn money.  You’ll need them when tackling the game’s bosses to make the encounters more doable, as well as for climbing up the leaderboards.  They reduce the game’s repetitive nature, allowing for experimentation, and adding a much welcomed layer of strategy.  Shields, smart bombs, add-ons, and more must be managed effectively.

Titan Attacks gameplayThe audio-visual package is fine, but not especially noteworthy.  The lack of 3D is a bit of a letdown.  Control is solid, but basic.  Really the primary strength of Titan Attacks! lies in its gameplay, and how it’s managed to put a fresh twist on classics that have been reworked for decades.  The game feels instantly familiar, yet quickly establishes its own modern interpretations

In true arcade spirit, Titan Attacks has an addictive ‘one more time’ vibe.  Those not into early arcade gaming may find it grows repetitive and too difficult (even with the save feature) but don’t be surprised if it lures you back.  The positives dominate, although the game is not without some frustrations.

Titan Attacks gameplay 3Hit detection is one area Titan Attacks! has occasional struggles.  It’s not uncommon to see certain enemies pass right through shots.  Worse are those that continually loop from the screens top to the bottom.  If any part of an enemy is visible on the ground area don’t go near them – you’ll get hit even if you’re well outside their range.  This contributes to the difficulty spike about two thirds through the game.  One other concern is price. $9.99, seems a bit high for what’s offered here, even though it is fun.  I suspect this may cause many to move the game from an instant buy to a wishlist purchase at a future sale.  It’s understandable.

Titan Attacks gameplay 2Not every game that taps into early arcade nostalgia succeeds, but this one does.  By putting welcomed modern touches on some great arcade classics, Titan Attacks! is a winner.  Despite coming up short in a few ways, this is a game that has addictive qualities.  If you have any interest in chasing high scores in arcade fashion, download this game today and I’ll see you on the leaderboards.