TOSS N GO was released the same day as Blok Drop X Twisted Fusion.  This RCMADIAX collaboration with Leuvsion got the bulk of Pure Nintendo’s attention, and so TOSS N GO fell a bit by the wayside.  It is a nice way however to wrap up the ‘Tabletop Gallery’ series of titles.

Perhaps best described as a variant of the popular dice game ‘Greed’ (which goes by a slew of names) this game has you rolling a total of ten dice.  Depending on how they land you either earn points, get the option to roll again, or get nothing.  You’ll need to strategize to earn 100 points before your competition, although like the other tabletop releases there’s definitely randomness at play here.  Still, the game is intuitive, and deciding when to bank points is a key factor.  The 100 point threshold is probably just about right, although an option to adjust the scores would’ve been welcomed.

The main thing that gives this game an edge (to the extent is has one) over the other tabletop titles is playing against a computer opponent or a second player.  The prior releases were solitary affairs but having some competition, especially against a friend, is good fun.  It gives this game some longevity the others lacked.

For being a simplistic style, budget release, this game has good visuals.  Some further dice animations would’ve been nice, but it has a clean look and attractive color scheme.  The music (from composer Matt Desind) is fine, although its short looping nature can annoy in time if you aren’t a fan of techno, which thankfully I am.  Most games are short enough anyway to limit repetitiveness.  Control is basic and simple – all you need to do is tap the touch screen.

If you don’t like the dice game that served as inspiration I doubt this will change your mind, but TOSS N GO is a solid little title for what it is.  It compares well with the other tabletop releases.  I’ve been playing it on and off for a couple of weeks now, and have enjoyed returning and spending a few minutes here and there with it.  At just 99 cents, what do you have to lose?   European gamers can wait for the upcoming bundle (which will also include Poker Dice Solitaire Future and Shut the Box) but the rest of us can download TOSS N GO with little hesitation.  I hope to see more multiplayer games from RCMADIAX in the future.

Toss N Go - title