Hey Guys and Gals! It’s time to serve up some more PureNintendo video content. For this series, we are going to be fighting the five SuperBosses in Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii and 3DS.  What is a superboss?  In the game, there are five Unique Monsters in the world whose levels range from 100 to 120.  Since your characters are capped at 99, each monster presents more of a challenge than the last.

Watch me, and a cast of PureNintendo Panelists, tell you what to expect when taking on these formidable foes.  To show you we aren’t just blowing smoke, each video will be capped of with a showdown.  Due of the nature of this series, I want to give a huge spoiler warning.  Everything we’re about to show you takes place at the end of the game, which means no conversation is off limits, and we may say something that is a huge spoiler for the plot. Watch at your own risk.

In today’s video, I will break down the ground rules of what will help you taking on all five of these beasts.  After the explanation, Justin, Kate, and Alex will join me as we will take down Final Marcus (level 100), the easiest of the five bosses, and the fight which requires the least preparation (as long as you don’t fight him during a blizzard).  We also talk the apparent lack of camaraderie of Marcus’ slobos buddies.

You can tune in every Monday at 12:00PM EDT to watch a new boss fight.