It’s been a bit over 22 days since we started our newest contest, “Around the World of Wii Fit U in 88 Days“.  I am here to day to announce the results of the first quarter of our contest.

Staff Results:

1st Place – Justin “J-Money” Hinton       35.5mi
2nd Place – Matt Paxton                            29.4mi
3rd Place – Justin Sharp                               4.7mi


Contestant Results:

1st Place – James Stoneburrowes         48.4mi
2nd Place – Dal Pal                                     42.8mi
3rd Place – UP FOR GRABS               _______

As you can see, we here at getting creamed by our fans.  As you can also see, 3rd place is still up for grabs.  There are still 66 days left in this contest, and if you want to join up, just check out our contest page and watch this video for rules, and send in your photo to or


See you in 22 days!