Beanbag chairs have been around since the early sixties, and have stuck around for good reason. Nothing quite beats the comfort of sinking into a nice beanbag chair to play your favorite video game or to watch a movie.  While there may be plenty of Beanbags out on the market, there is but one that towers above all others and makes the foam beans within their stitching quiver with fear. I am of course referring to the aptly named Gigantor available from SumoLounge.

Upon arriving at my house, I quickly realized the Gigantor lived up to its name. Measuring at a whopping 86” x 60” x 40”, this beanbag chair will definitely be a centerpiece when furnishing your home. While typical beanbags are usually filled with foam beads that can make the chair feel lumpy, the Gigantor supplements the beads with a generous amount of polyester fiber. The result is a comfortable chair that molds to the shape of your body without going flat. The Gigantor also comes with your choice of a micro suede, corduroy, or ultimate fur removable slip cover that can easily be machine washed so you don’t have to sit in your own filth when the chair eventually gets dirty. There are a variety of colors to choose from, meaning you can sit classy in a chair that matches the décor of your home.

“Enough about the features!” you say, “You haven’t even told us if the chair is comfortable yet!” The answer, of course, is a resounding yes. Having had the chair in my home for a little over a month, it has quickly become my favorite place to play my Nintendo 3DS or to curl up for a nap. At one point, I even fell asleep on the Gigantor while talking to a friend on the phone. It’s that comfortable. Due to it’s large size, the Gigantor can easily accommodate two to three people making it a great place to park your rear for multiplayer gaming goodness. Another nice thing is if at any time your Gigantor feels like it isn’t as fluffy as it could be, you can easily flip it over to start again on molding your perfect butt groove.

If you’re wondering what to do with the extra cash you may have gotten from the holiday season, the Gigantor may be the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one if you’re on the market for a new gaming chair. The large size makes the Gigantor perfect for gaming dens, man caves, and lofts where you and your friends and family will be logging in some serious couch time. Starting at $419 USD, the Gigantor is an investment probably best suited to large families or couples, but what you get is a comfortable piece of quality furniture that you will find yourself drawn to every time you enter your home and want to relax. To see the Gigantor, or any of the other fine beanbag chairs Sumo makes, head on over to to place an order.