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Koopa Kast
Koopa Kast Episode 49

Here we are at Koopa Kast 49.  We have a few interesting topics for you this week:

– The new Zelda Warriors trailer, including the introduction of Gannondorf. Also Fi is apparently pronounced “F-eye”
–  Dan Adelman, Head of Digital Content and Development, has left Nintendo to form his own Indie studio.  When he worked at Nintendo, Adelman helped spearhead getting indie titles onto Nintendo Platforms.
–   Nintendo has decided to release a new Mega Man every thursday this month for the Wii U; Battle Network, Mega Man 4, Mega Man 5, and Mega Man X3
–   Nintendo has registered three trademarks as a part of their “Quality of Life” initiative. How much will Nintendo focus on this new initiative? How much should they focus in this new initiative?

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