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Koopa Kast Episode 67 - Uncharted Territory

Over the past year, Nintendo has some surprising announcements regarding forays into new areas of business.  It all started with Nintendo announcing their Quality of Life program, which has been reassured to be a separate entity to their dedicated gaming consoles.  Later this year, to the surprise of everyone, the Kyoto company decided on a joint venture with smartphone developer, DeNA, to create Nintendo software into one of the most popular platforms in Japan.  Just recently during Nintendo’s financial report, the company has stated plans to join up with Universal Studios to bring Nintendo-themed attractions to Universal’s theme parks.

With all of these sudden decisions, you have to wonder what is going through the heads of the higher ups at Nintendo.

In keeping with the theme of new ventures, we will also review last Thursday’s Splatoon Direct, as well as Splatoon’s Global Tesfire that occurred over the weekend.  Based on the three hours that were open to the public, how do we feel about about Nintendo’s first online multi-player heavy title?  If Splatoon proves successful, what could this mean for Nintendo in the future?  Could the finally prove themselves to handle online multi-player competently?