Koopa Kast
Koopa Kast
Koopa Kast Episode 71 - Let's All Go To The Movies

We start yet another Koopa Kast.  This week, I thought we’d talk about something fun.  Today, it was announced that Mighty No. 9 is looking to release a live-action film through Legendary Digital Media; this is on top of the animated project that is already in production.  If you look at the Comcept’s Red Ash Kickstarter, the company is also aiming to create an animated project with the studio, Studio 4.  Add in the Sonic Boom series, and we seem to have a resurgence of game properties making their way to another medium (and perhaps a larger screen).

The PureNintendo staff will bring their experiences and memories of video game movies and TV of the past, and form some thoughts about whether this new resurgence of VG crossovers will be good or bad. Also, we will hear if any of the PureNintendo staff has soft spot for any of these games-turned-cinema.

As always, the Koopa Kast will start on Wednesday at 8:30PM EDT.  If anyone would like to ask a question for the Koopa Kast, you can leave a comment below, or you can use twitter, and tweet @purenintendo using the hashtag #KoopaKast.