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Koopa Kast Special - Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Episode 1


Some games are just too large to discuss in a single episode; especially ones that will take us at PureNintendo couple of weeks to even complete. For those occasions, we’ve decided to create a new series within the Koopa Kast.

In this series, Justin and Matt discuss their thoughts on Xenoblade Chronicles 2 as they play through it for the first time. The first episode covers the prologue all the way up to the end of Chapter 2, as Matt and Justin talk about their first impressions of the game, and come up with a couple of theories as to what happened 500 years prior to Rex teaming up with Pyra.

In next week’s episode, Matt and Justin will return after fighting their way up to the end of Chapter 4.

For those of you playing the game along with us, tell us your thoughts on the game and it’s first two chapters. Is it everything you’ve hoped for so far? Any qualms with the voice-acting or the art-style?